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Fittingly for the River Tees, it pours through the Dale with highly impressive volume and strength.. From its humble beginnings, it feeds into the curiously named Cow Green Reservoir, and then out through Cauldron Snout (first photo). Now in some strength, it races to High Force (second photo), about 5 miles further downstream. Then broader still it continues to Low Force (photos 3 and 4). The Pennine Way follows the river throughout this section of the Dale.


This is our favourite Dale. It is narrower and has a more remote feel than Wensleydale or Teesdale. There is no A-road passing through, and there are points of interest all along its length.


There are also plenty of footpaths both in the dale and up on the hills that form it. The Pennine Way passes through, but there are plenty of other paths to follow as well.


Although it is not our favourite, there are some very attractive places within this dale. Hawes is an attractive bustling market town at the head of the dale. Further down in strict contrast is the village of West Burton, with an expansive green in the centre, and the falls close by. There are numerous falls in the Dale, but not all are easy to get access to. Even the well-known Aysgarth falls are well fenced off at the lower end to the casual visitor and difficult to fully appreciate as a result. There are, however additional attractions including a castle and a steam railway!

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