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Northumberland is a land of castles reflecting its violent past close to the borders. Warkworth, the home of the Percy's, is particularly attractive, and although this photo is over ten years old, the town doesn't change.

Bamburgh is not a ruin - the present owners, the Arnstrong family, have lived there since 1894.  The castle dates back to the 6th century, and began as the capital of the kings of Northumbria.



But the castles are not only found in the towns. Bamburgh and Dunstanburgh were both built on the coast. Dubstanburgh was built by Thomas, Earl of Lancaster, in the 14th century. It is situated on a bleak cliff overlooking the sea, and is the largest ruined castle in the County. Sheep now graze on the slopes outside, but there was plenty of room inside to bring them in in times of war. It saw plenty of action during the Wars of the Roses.

You can walk out to Dunstanburgh from Embleton across the golf course, or better across the meadows by the rocky beach from the small fishing village of Craster (above) to the south, famouse for its smoked kippers!

Northumberland is also known for its beaches, the Farne Islands, and Lindisfarne. See the photography pages for pictures from the coast. Inland attractions include Simonside, Rothbury, Cragside, and Alnwick and its castle.

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