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The Lake District

The Photography page on the Lake District gives ample encouragement to go out and explore. We have some favourite walks, mostly in the region around Keswick. They are not the mountain top hikes for the really energetic, but more the ramble type of around 6 miles or so that enables one to enjoy the countryside and perhaps end up at a welcoming pub! Here are just a few suggestions.





This is a very repeatable walk that we do every year, rock cakes and a hot drink at the cafe being a major attraction at the hamlet that is half way round! We follow a circular route starting from the National Trust car park in Rosthwaite, following the Cumbrian Way towards Stonethwaite, and then bearing up to the left to climb up Lingy End (a very long and steep climb made a little easier by the stones laid out to make a staircase), past Dock Tarn, and down to Watendlath. We then return more directly to Rosthwaite by Puddingstone Bank and Birkett’s Leap.

Seatoller to Grange


There are a number of well-marked paths between these two Borrowdale villages, and a number of watering holes at both ends and at Rosthwaite in between. A climb up Castle Crag rewards the effort with good views both north to Derwent Water and South, while at a lower level a path follows the river Derwent through areas of woodland.

Grasmere and Rydal Water


Start from one of the car parks in Grasmere, or one of the car parks on the main road between the two villages. A circular walk round the two lakes passes Rydal Mount and Dove Cottage, and if you time it right you can get a bar lunch at the Badger’s Bar at Rydal. The section through the trees on the East side is one place I have seen red squirrels.


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