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The Isle of Skye

Coire Làgan


The first photo (a) shows the approach to Coire Làgan, an amazing place. Not only is the landscape scooped out by glacial activity, but the rim is one solid rock formation in the centre that holds back the waters of a small lake (b). When you reach the top you realize that it is a sheet of rock worn smooth like a mill-stone by the ravages of moving ice (c). It is reached by a relatively easy path, and is a climb not to be missed.




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Coire na Creiche


Coire na Creiche is overshadowed by the Cuillin Hills, and is home to the Fairy Pools - a series of waterfalls, pools and gulleys that go on and on down the valley. Working from the top end, you keep expecting to come to the end of these beautiful mini-scenes, but they just keep on coming, one after another.. A marvellous place to visit when the sun is shining.




And just to reassure you, there is civilsation on this Island at the capital Portree, with lots of warm and hospitable hotels etc to make you feel really comfortable after a hard day's walking.


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