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I spent my career as a secondary school teacher, and was headmaster of a 12 - 18 comprehensive school in Norfolk for 18 years before retiring in the summer of 2000.

This site reflects my continuing interests, particularly in photography, the pleasure I have in exploring the English countryside, and my life as a Christian. I was a mathematician, with a life-long interest in computing, and some of this is reflected on this site as well.

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Photography is one of my major hobbies, and in the photography section you will find examples of the images I have made in recent years using a Nikon D80 camera. They come mainly from the Lake District, the Dales, Northumberland, Torridon in Scotland, and Norfolk where I live.

We live in a marvellous country for walking, there is such variety, rain or shine! Pause to enjoy a few photographs from around the country designed to entice you away from the car into the hills and onto the cliffs.

Being a Christian means being the odd one out more and more in today's society, so why do we still stick out our necks? It's simple really! We believe that Jesus died for us, so that through believing in him we can come into a new relationship with God himself. Now that's exciting! If you are a Christian and want to browse, or if you are just curious, click on the Church tab.

All pictures © C Wragg

Please note that all photographs on this site are copyright, and may not be used in any publications or for commercial gain without permission. Images may however be used in any other circumstances provided a copyright notice is included with the name of the author. Note that the images used on the site are low definition. Larger images may be available at a reasonable price from the author who can be contacted by
e-mail at c.wragg@orpheusmail.co.uk.

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